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About WellAve Dermatology & Skin Care in Maryland

We Provide Convenient, Efficient, High Quality Dermatology Care, Enabling Providers to Focus on Patient Care and Empowering Patients to Achieve Better Health.

About WellAve Dermatology & Skin Care in Maryland

WellAve is a health care company focused on revolutionizing the delivery of dermatology care. We provide full service dermatology care that is convenient and more accessible to patients. Our unique approach combines highly trained providers with a robust, user-friendly technology platform to provide efficient, high quality care through telemedicine and mobile dermatology clinics. Clinics are held at various locations in the community such as medical practices, senior living facilities and employer worksites. WellAve currently provides care in the greater Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland region with plans to expand into additional cities.

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