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Psoriasis Treatment in Glen Burnie, MD

The Skin Care Specialists at WellAve Dermatology Look Forward to Helping Treat Your Psoriasis. If You or a Loved One Are Suffering From This Skin Rash, It Is Time That You See a Dermatology Specialist. Call Us Today at (443) 960-7402 or Schedule an Appointment Online.

Psoriasis Treatment in Glen Burnie, MD

At WellAve Dermatology, we are dedicated to offering people in the Glen Burnie community the very best skincare services available. For people suffering from skin disorders and rashes, our dermatology experts can provide effective treatment and relief. If you have psoriasis, we can offer expert consultation services and informed treatment options that canclear your skin and help you find relief from your worst psoriasis symptoms, no matter how severe.

Psoriasis is much more than a simple skin condition. In fact, it is a chronic immune system disease that presents itself as scaly, itchy patches on the skin. For people with a healthy body and immune system, creating new skin cells and shedding old ones is a process that takes approximately 28-30 days. However, for people with psoriasis, new skin cells are produced much faster than they should be as a result of their overactive immune system. For many people suffering from psoriasis, this process can take only 3-4 days instead of the typical month. Because of this accelerated process, new skin cells can pile up on the skin’s surface, creating thick, red, flaky patches known as plaques. In addition, psoriasis can also be linked to other serious diseases includingarthritis and even diabetes.

For many patients who suffer from mild to moderate psoriasis, topical treatments can be effective in helping to control psoriasis symptoms. Topical treatments might include salicylic acid, corticosteroids, vitamin D analogues, calcineurin inhibitors, or topical retinoids. Another proven treatment for psoriasis is phototherapy, which uses light to control psoriasis symptoms. Phototherapy may include UV treatment utilizing a light box, or even simply increasing your exposure to regular doses of sunlight. Phototherapy is often used in conjunction with other treatment protocols to increase their efficacy.

Patients suffering from severe psoriasis may require oral medication or even injectable treatment therapies. These are typically used only if other treatment options have proven to be ineffective. These medications include methotrexate, cyclosporine, oral retinoids, and biologics including adalimumab, brodalumab, etanrcept, guselkumab, ixekizumab, secukinumab, and ustekinumab. The drugs work to control the body’s immune responses and can provide relief from psoriasis as well as psoriatic arthritis. These medications require a prescription, and our dermatology providers can offer expert insight into which of these may be right for you.

If you or a loved one has psoriasis, it is time to speak to a dermatology specialist about your treatment options. At WellAve Dermatology in Glen Burnie, we are dedicated to providing each of our patients with the highest quality skin disorder treatment available. Whether you suspect you have psoriasis, or you have unsuccessfully tried over the counter or at-home remedies, our experienced skincare professionals are here to help. We can provide professional insight and knowledge to help you decide on a customized treatment plan that is right for you, and can provide you with relief from your worst psoriasis symptoms. Don’t spend another day covering up your plaques or suffering from red, itchy skin. Call WellAve Dermatology today to schedule your consultation and begin finding relief.

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