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Skin Cancer Screening in Annapolis, MD

There Are Multiple Types of Skin Cancer, Which Include Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), Squamous Cell Skin Carcinoma (SCC), and Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC). Our Dermatology Providers Will Make Sure That You Leave With the Answers That You Need and a Treatment Plan in Place. Call Our Annapolis Location for More Details at (443) 775-3871.

Skin Cancer Screening in Annapolis, MD

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in the United States. It can present itself in men and women of all ages and ethnicities. Being proactive about your dermatological care and making sure you receive regular skin cancer screenings can help ensure early detection of skin cancer, which greatly increases the availability and efficacy of treatments. At WellAve Dermatology, we offer comprehensive skin cancer screenings in Annapolis, MD.

Before you begin taking steps to diagnose potential skin cancer, it is important you do what you can to help prevent it from happening in the first place. This includes the consistent use of sunscreen, and other protective wear when you are outside, including using a hat while you are doing yardwork, or setting up an umbrella on the beach. If you have questions about SPF or how to properly use sunscreen, your dermatologist can answer questions for you and even provide suggested products to use on yourself and your family.

There are many different types of skin cancer, but the first step to diagnosing any of them is a visual inspection of your skin. An experienced dermatologist will check moles, freckles, and other marks on your skin for any changes or abnormalities that may be present. This includes irregularly shaped moles and marks that change size between appointments. At WellAve Dermatology in Annapolis, our dermatology providers have the knowledge and experience necessary to perform these regular check-ups.

If skin cancer is suspected after your visual check-up, it may be necessary for a biopsy to be performed on the affected area. The type of biopsy you receive will depend on your dermatologist’s recommendations and the type of skin cancer they suspect. Once the biopsy is complete, it may still be necessary to perform further testing to understand the full extent of the disease in order to create an effective treatment plan.

The most serious type of skin cancer is melanoma, as it can be very aggressive, and has a high chance of metastasizing if it is not treated quickly and effectively. Basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell skin carcinoma are the two most commonly diagnosed types of skin cancer, and while they should be treated as quickly as possible, they do have a much lower chance of spreading to other parts of the body. Merkel cell carcinoma is a rare kind of skin cancer that typically presents in older people, and appears as a nodule on the skin, usually on the face, neck, or head area.

If you live in the Annapolis area, trust the professionals at WellAve Dermatology for all of your skin care needs. Our highly-trained dermatology providers can perform comprehensive skin cancer screenings and support. We value your time and the trust you place in us when you come to our office for treatment. We work hard to provide complete dermatological care for all of our patients in a welcoming and confidential office environment. If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss skin cancer screenings or warning signs, please call our Annapolis office today to schedule an appointment.