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Telemedicine with WellAve Health Care Dermatology & Skin Care in Maryland

Connect with us for dermatology care from virtually anywhere, anytime.

Telemedicine with WellAve Health Care Dermatology & Skin Care in Maryland

With WellAve’s telemedicine app, modmed Telehealth, you truly have access to dermatology care no matter where you are – no appointment needed!

Using this app can benefit you when:

  • You’re busy and on the go or you can’t easily make it to an in-person appointment
  • You have a mild skin issue such as a bite, rash, skin lesion, minor burns, or acne
  • Cosmetic consultations

Getting Started is Easy

From the App Store or Google Play, download the “modmed Telehealth” app onto your device. Data rates may apply from your telecom provider. The app is free to download. We charge a $50.00 fee for each case you submit.

How to Use the Mobile App

New patients (or those without a profile in our Patient Portal):

Please visit our Register as a New Patient form to get started! Our team will reply to you within one hour during our normal business hours (8:30-4:30 EST) and you will receive an email with your login credentials.

Existing patients with a profile in our Patient Portal:

Enter the following Provider URL: wellave.ema.md

Log in using your WellAve Patient Portal Username and Password.

In the app, you’ll first answer a series of questions about your condition and then take a few photos to send with your case.
Push notifications from the app will keep you updated on the status of your case. Take advantage of our chat feature so you can communicate with our team regarding your case.

**** Telemedicine doesn’t replace in-person visits, but it can be an effective added way for you to consult with our team, giving you faster assistance and assurance – or a recommendation for face-to-face care.

Click here for more information on how to use the Telehealth app!

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